Hi, I’m Sally. Welcome to Passport and Plates!

That's me!

That’s me!

Koshary in Egypt. Şiş Kebap in Turkey. Nasi Goreng in Malaysia. This is why I travel. Join me as I wander throughout new cities, sampling strange street food, talking with locals and travelers alike, and doing what the locals do. This is the site for the curious foodie traveler on a budget.

Passport & Plates is also for the Muslim traveler. The rebel. The one breaking stereotypes, traveling far and wide to show the world who we are – that Islam is more than what the media shows. And I hope that my readers – Muslim or not – will learn this, whether from me or from someone they encounter on the road.

Meet Sally:

When I was ten days old, I boarded my first international flight, nestled in a bunch of blankets and my mother’s arms. By the time we settled in California at age four, my family and I had lived in 5 countries.

I lived stateside for the next ten years until the U.S. citizenship gods blessed us to travel again. We went to Egypt for the summer. It was a surprising culture shock. We went to Sudan that winter. That was even more of a culture shock. And four years later we went to England and I fell in love with sexy accents and fish and chips.

I traveled as much as I could during university, taking trips to China, Egypt, England and Spain. I spent long stints studying in Ireland and Argentina and spent a summer working in Indonesia.

Then the inevitable happened. I got a grown up job. You know, one of those things that proves you’re an adult somehow? Yeah, one of those. And I hated it.

I didn’t hate it because I hated working. In fact, I’m a workaholic and grade-A nerd. I hated it for all these reasons. And I resented it for limiting my travels.

In the summer of 2015, after being rejected from a thousand “dream jobs,” I had a quarter-life crisis and took off for a 6-week solo trip to Spain. I quickly realized that work-life balance exists (outside of the U.S.) and my goal was to either 1) find a job in Spain to siesta and fiesta forever OR find a remote job that would let me work and travel. In early 2016, I realized my dream and officially became a digital nomad.


The other fun facts:

  • I was born in Ireland to Arab-Muslim parents and raised in California, so one can say I’ve been a global citizen from the start.
  • I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 26 countries so far and am nowhere near stopping.
  • They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, and I wholeheartedly agree. My favorite way to discover new cultures is through food.
  • I’ve often been described a multicultural mutt – or more affectionately – ethnically ambiguous.
  • I’m passionate about cultural connections, street food, personal development, and global diplomacy and am a firm believer that food and travel bring the world together.


See the world, eat the world, and meet the world. I’ll show you how to travel and dine, sans spirits and swine (because #halalfood).


How to use this site:

  • Blog: Thoughts about life, travel, being a millennial, and all the good stuff that goes along with being in my mid-20s and “lost.”
  • Destination Guides: All the fun things to do and eat in each city, including pictures
  • Learnings and Musings: General travel hacks, how-to’s, and observations
  • Enticing Eats: The best eats, food guides, and local cooking adventures
  • Stuff I love (coming soon!): My favorite links and resources on blogging and travel


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