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Despite a strong ambivalence toward organized tours, I found myself with a limited amount of time to see as much as I could in Cappadocia, Turkey. It was winter time and quite cold, so walking and the limited public transport were out of the question. Luckily, a friend and I got a good deal on a two-day private tour and even managed to stay in a cave hotel.

This collection of photos is a guide to all the cool things I saw while visiting Cappadocia in the winter of 2015. The city is absolutely incredible…no wonder the entire thing has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site! Read on to see all there is in this beautiful city. Warning: may incite wanderlust.

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One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting lost in the sea of new flavors that inevitably comes with sampling new food. Food says so much about culture and history and is the best way to explore cities and countries.

Prior to visiting Turkey, my knowledge of Turkish cuisine was limited to Turkish coffee and döner kebabs. On my trip, I discovered plenty of exciting new dishes and flavors that delighted my palate.

If you’re looking for a guide on what to eat on your next trip to Turkey (or to your neighborhood Turkish restaurant), you’ve come to the right place! Without further ado, check out the foodie guide to Turkish cuisine!

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