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Dear Corporate America – A Letter from a Traveling Millennial: Originally published here on Passport and Plates. Dear Corporate America is a brief letter from a traveling millennial on work satisfaction, flexibility, autonomy and beyond: reminding the world that our idealism and passion is what might “save us all.”

Why I Don’t Tell People ‘Quit Your Job and Travel’: Originally published here on Passport and Plates. After quitting my job last summer, I somehow became the resident expert amongst all my friends who were thinking about quitting their jobs. When the conversation turned to: “Maybe I’ll just quit my job and travel,” I would stop the discussion. Discover why I don’t tell people to quit their jobs and travel!

These American Muslims Are Challenging Islamophobia Through Travel: Despite the fact that the travel industry continues to perpetuate stereotypes against Muslims, meet these American Muslim travel bloggers who are combating the struggle of #FlyingWhileMuslim to see the world and challenge Islamophobia along the way.


Egyptian Streets:

Must Eat Foods When Visiting Cairo: Originally published here on Passport and Plates. This is the ultimate foodie guide to all the Egyptian food (including restaurant recommendations) to eat in Cairo. 

Five Experiences Not to Miss in Cairo: Originally published here on Passport and Plates. These are the best things to do in Cairo!



Spotahome Guide to Moving to ValenciaConsidering a move to Valencia, Spain? Check out these great tips including what to do before and after you arrive!

Things To Do In Valencia: Discover Street Art: Did you know that Valencia has a huge street art scene? Check out this guide to some of the most popular artists and where to find their work!

Spotahome Food Guide: Everything You Need to Eat in Valencia: If you’re planning a trip to Valencia, don’t miss out on all these delicious foods!


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17 Photos of Malaysia That Will Make You Want to Go Right Now: If these photos don’t convince you to go to Malaysia, I don’t know what will.

Eat First, Question Later: Top Food in South East Asia: Step aside, pad Thai: this other Southeast Asian food is about to take the spotlight. Here are my top picks.

Why SE Asia is Great for Muslim Travelers: How do you know the food is halal? Where can you find mosques? I show you why South East Asia is a prime destination for Muslim Travelers!


Guest Posts:

Kenton de Jong Travel:

Madrid Food Tour: Read all about my experience with Madrid Food Tours, and find out how you can book one as well!



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16 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2016: Kenton de Jong from Kenton de Jong travel lists his picks for which blogs to follow in 2016. See who else made the cut!

“Her blog focuses on one of my most favorite things – food, and not just halal food either! I could try to talk about the food she has tried, tasted and approved from around the world, but since her trip to Spain covered so many delicacies like fried lobster, smoked cod, solomillo and a squid sandwich, I’ll let her do the talking and I’ll do the mouthwatering. Sally is a determined young woman with an attitude and an opinion, so I’m really excited to see where her blog will go in 2016!” – Kenton de Jong Travel

7 Spirited Female Travelers to Follow: Eva from Eva Explores featured Passport and Plates as one of 7 female bloggers to follow. See who else is on the list!

“Her post about her quarter life crisis is one that I really relate to. Also, as a fellow foodie, Sally focuses a lot on what to eat in every destination she travels to. Head on over to her blog to get info on everything from traveling with dietary restrictions to making friends while traveling solo.” – Eva Explores

20 Great Travel Blogs: Gessell and Lee from Gessell and Lee Travel Blog featured Passport and Plates as one of their favorite blogs to follow!

“Who wouldn’t love eating right? And who wouldn’t love spending vacations in superb relaxing destinations? Every traveler would surely love to. This blog amazingly tours you to varied top spots and mouth watering foods worldwide. You’ll surely crave for the foods in this blog’s ‘Enticing Eats!'”

Best Female Travel Blogs 2016: Top Influential Views: Credit Donkey searched far and wide for what they deemed to be the best female travel blogs, and Passport & Plates is on the list!

“Passionate about street food, cultural connections, and global diplomacy, Sally shares her travel and culinary adventures from around the world.”



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