Lewis N Clark Travel Products Review

Check out my Lewis N Clark review of several of their most popular travel products! | http://passportandplates.com

Disclosure: Lewis N Clark sent me these items to test. I was not paid to write this post and all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links. 

I remember the first product I got from Lewis N Clark. It was early 2015 and someone gifted me the Electrolight Backpack and I immediately fell in love. I took it with me on most of my trips that spring, including a rainy 3 weeks in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica.

Rainforest exploring! ☔️🍃🌳 Have you ever been to a rainforest?

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That same backpack also traveled with me to Valencia this summer and saw more than its fair share of beach days. It is AWESOME.

When I contacted Lewis N Clark about my blogiversary giveaway a few months ago, they generously sent along a few other products for me to try.

I’m now a proud owner of the following items:

  • 25L Day Pack
  • Electrolight™ RFID-Blocking Day Pack
  • Electrolight™ Expandable Packing Cube, Large
  • Immersion Heater

It’s not just the Electrolight backpack that’s awesome. It’s EVERYTHING. They take their travel goods incredibly seriously, and all of the items they sent me are high-quality and durable and will travel with me for years to come. I’m currently on a four-month travel journey throughout Europe and North Africa, and best believe that these products are all in my suitcase. So without further ado, here is my Lewis N Clark review of the above-mentioned products.


25L Day Pack:

This 25L backpack is spectacular for weathering the elements. I took it with me on a road trip throughout the East Coast of the United States during winter, as well as on my trip to Italy in January. The padded shoulder and waist straps made it incredibly comfortable to carry (even for a shorty like me) and the waterproof material protected my items during torrential rain pour. I also loved the roll top closure since it gave me a bit of wiggle room when I stuffed it chock full of items.


  • Waterproof
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Roll top closure for slightly adjustable size
  • Padded shoulder straps and double waist straps for optimal carrying comfort


  • Small front zipper
  • No internal organization pockets


Electrolight™ RFID-Blocking Day Pack

There’s a reason they call this backpack “electrolight.” It may only weigh a mere 7 ounces, but it holds an impressive amount of stuff. Not only is it stain and water resistant, but it is also comfortable as well. It has padded shoulder straps for added comfort, plus several pockets (both internal and external) for organization. There’s also an external RFID blocking pocket for credit card storage. Not only does this pocket allow for easy access to important cards, but it also blocks unauthorized scanning of said cards, so nobody can steal you identify. Win!


  • Roomy main compartment with several pockets
  • Cinch top and flap for added protection
  • RFID-blocking pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps and double waist straps for optimal carrying comfort
  • Adjustable sternum strap


  • Not waterproof (it’s water resistant)
  • Not foldable into a small pouch


Electrolight™ Expandable Packing Cube, Large

Check out my Lewis N Clark review of several of their most popular travel products! | http://passportandplates.com

It’s official. I’m obsessed with packing cubes. Seriously, they’re amazing. As someone who frequently travels carry on only, I’m a constant victim of what I call “exploding suitcase syndrome.” It’s what happens every time I arrive at new accommodation – my stuff promptly goes everywhere. The Lewis N Clark packing cubes help me stay organized and pack more efficiently. Not only are they expandable/compressible but they also come with mesh panels so I can see what’s inside the cube. The large size isn’t giant, but it is the perfect size to fit into a carry on along with several other cubes without feeling like a game of Tetris. Packing cubes are seriously life changing and I have no idea how I ever traveled without them!


  • Expandable and compressible
  • Fits a lot of items
  • Small enough to easily fit in a carry-on
  • Comes with a carrying handle


  • Mesh can snag onto non-clothing items


Immersion Heater

If there’s one thing I can’t live without on my travels, it’s caffeine. And I’m talking about a good cup of caffeine…none of that instant coffee or microwaved tea for me, thanks. I never thought I needed this immersion heater until I saw it on the Lewis N Clark website. Essentially, you fill a cup with water, put the immersion heater in, turn it on and voila! Hot water (or tea or coffee). You can use this anywhere you have a plug and it comes with an adaptor plug so you can use it worldwide. That way, you can have a good cup of caffeine no matter where you are, without worrying if you’ll have access to a kettle or coffee maker.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Comes with a pouch and adaptor plug
  • Warms liquids quickly


  • Takes awhile to heat liquid in large mugs


In all honesty, even though I’ve only tried a few of the Lewis N Clark products, I’m positive that all the other gear they have on the site is just as good. Everything I tried is amazing quality and easily packable, and I’m sure I will use them for years to come. Check out the Lewis N Clark website for everything they have to offer!


Tell me: what’s your favorite item that comes with you when you travel?


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  • Woah I didn’t even know immersion heaters existed! That’s so cool. I like how the first backpack rolls down and makes it really waterproof. Overall, day packs are so necessary. Small and not bulky. I never heard of this company but will check it out now. Enjoy your trip!

    • Me neither, initially!
      And yesss it’s super helpful in particularly rainy weather for sure. I like how they have tons of products to suit different kinds of climates and people. Def check it out!

  • I’ve never heard of an Electrolight pack! Looks perfect to brave all the elements! An immersion heater would also really come in handy in trekking.

    • Yesss it’s awesome to keep your things dry and super portable as well. I love it!
      And yeah the immersion heater is great for experiencing the outdoors but still enjoying the little pleasures 🙂

  • I am always looking for new gear to replace our old when it starts to wear and tear! I hadn’t heard of this brand until now so thankyou for introducing me! I LOVE packing cubes and ours are about in need of replacement! We will check these out!

    • You’re welcome! Yesss I can vouch for how awesome their packing cubes are. I only have one (so far) and it has like 6 winter sweaters plus a few other tops in there. I’m wowed by how much it holds!

  • I love th idea of the immersion heater although I can’t imagine me needing it as I’m a Starbucks girl. 7 oz backpack is worth investigating though

    • Hahah saving money on Starbucks maybe? But I get you, sometimes you just want your favorite fix. I understand being a coffee addict myself. Def check out the backpack! It’s awesome.

      • I’m not even a coffee addict. It’s like a treat for me but making a cup in my hotel room would be a bit like cooking for yourself on holiday. Wrong! Lol

  • The backpacks look very comfortable. The immersion heater is kinda cute 🙂 The packing cubes are convenient to segregate stuff. I have been using them for quite sometime now.

  • Lydia@Lifeuntraveled.com

    Finding a comfortable backpack (big or small) is like finding gold for a traveler! I didn’t know about Lewis & Clark but I recently purchased packing cubes. I’m looking forward to trying them as everyone raves about them!

    • AGREED! It’s surprisingly difficult to find the perfect one! Ooh looking forward to hearing how you like the packing cubes!

  • I like the whole RFID part of the backpack. Makes the security aspect so much more easier to handle. Will check if I get these in India.

    • So true! It’s nice that they’ve included that bit since most backpacks don’t take it into consideration 🙂

  • I bought a couple of their expandable packing cubes when you first suggested them on a gift guide post. I can’t wait to use them on my next trip coming up soon!

    • Yay! Yeah they’re awesome :). I currently have one in my suitcase and it’s super helpful in compressing winter wear. I can’t wait to hear how you like it!