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Hello! So, you’ve landed on this page because you’re a brand interested in partnering with Passport & Plates. You obviously have great taste!


Allow me to introduce the blog:

Although this site initially started in August 2015 as a way for me (Sally) to document my first solo trip, it has since transformed. On November 3rd, 2015, I published my first official post – and with that, Passport & Plates was born.

Passport & Plates is a millennial food and travel blog focusing on budget travel and authentic, local experiences. It is a rapidly growing site with a strong follower base of worldwide food and travel enthusiasts.


The audience:

Readers are approximately 82% female and 18% male; 70% of the audience is between 18 – 34 years old. They are interested in local hot spots, authentic food, and budget travel. Passport & Plates has a global fan base, but the majority of readers come from North America and Europe.

Additionally, Passport & Plates offers a unique reach into the Muslim millennial market. According to Euromonitor, today’s Muslims are “younger, more adventurous, educated and have high disposable incomes and a higher propensity to travel and explore.” With high engagement levels throughout all social media channels, this target group is an untapped and rapidly growing market that is ripe with potential.


Why work with Passport & Plates?

Despite the fact that Passport & Plates is less than two years old, it has seen explosive growth – both in terms of website traffic and across social media platforms.

I’m a passionate hustler with a deep enthusiasm for off the beaten path travel, delicious food, and travel on a budget. My unique, matter-of-fact, and sometimes sassy writing style brings new readers daily and turns them into loyal fans.

You can check out the numbers below:

As of 3/7/2017:

Facebook: 1,750+

Twitter: 21,100+

Instagram: 27,300+

Pinterest: 25,400+

Monthly Unique Viewers: 11,800+

Monthly Page Views: 17,300+


Who I’ve Worked With:

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Passport and Plates Work With Me

Need even further convincing? I’ve been published in the Huffington Post and was a featured blogger in both 16 Travel Bloggers to Follow in 2016 and 7 Spirited Female Travelers to Follow. You can read more on my press page.


What are you waiting for? Email me at passportandplates(at) so we can start our partnership. I look forward to hearing from you!