Meet Grand Medina, the First Halal Resort in the Dominican Republic

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Grand Medina Resorts, but all opinions are my own.

2020 Update: Since I wrote this post, Grand Medina has been acquired by a different developer, Everest. The resort is now set to open in Orlando, Florida instead of the Dominican Republic. I don’t have any further updates about it but you can check out their website for updates. 

A halal resort in the Caribbean? Well, it’s about time, am I right? Despite the rise of Islamophobia, or perhaps, in spite of it, Muslim travel is booming.


About Muslim Travel / Halal Tourism

According to the State of the Global Islamic Economy 2017/18 report, the Muslim travel market was worth $169 billion in 2016 and Muslim spend on outbound travel is expected to grow by 9 percent per year to reach $283 billion by 2022. Basically, that translates to this: a lot of Muslims are spending money on travel, and they want that travel to cater to their needs. A halal vacation means Muslim-friendly accommodations, activities, food, and drink.

Honestly, I feel the same. There are certain countries that, despite being high on my bucket list, I haven’t visited yet because I’m unsure as to how I’ll avoid pork. I still remember visiting China and accidentally eating pork several times due to mistranslation issues, until I finally just went full vegetarian for the rest of my trip. As a foodie, I was less than enthused about that situation.

Alcohol is another thing. In some places, pretty much all social gatherings involve alcohol. While I’ve gotten used to this since I grew up in the U.S., many Muslims aren’t comfortable being around people drinking. At a halal resort, I won’t have to concern myself with this, which is particularly important for me when traveling with my family.

So, imagine my delight when I found out that Grand Medina, the first family-friendly halal resort in the Dominican Republic, is opening in 2020. It’ll be super exciting to travel there with my family, knowing that everyone can do their travel thang.


Grand Medina: the First Halal resort in the Dominican Republic

Grand Medina is a world-class Muslim family-friendly resort in the Dominican Republic. It’s all inclusive and all halal, and as they put it, has everything you need to eat, pray and play in luxury. Sounds like my kind of family resort!


Where is it located?

Grand Medina is located in the Dominican Republic, 45 minutes north of Punta Cana, the #1 tourist destination in the Caribbean. It’s close enough to the capital to be accessible, but far enough away to feel like a secluded paradise.

Drone shot of Grand Medina Halal Resort in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic
It’s gonna be huuuuuge!

The resort itself resides on approximately 250 acres of undisturbed, private oceanfront with 1.5 miles of beautiful white sand beaches. Did I mention it’s also near the whale reservation of Samana Bay and the protected ecological bird sanctuary of Laguna Limon? I’m low-key devastated that the resort won’t be opening until 2020 because I want to go right now.

One of the cool things about the location is that there are direct flights to Punta Cana from 98 cities in 28 countries, so getting to Grand Medina should be a breeze.


What’s the accommodation like?

The accommodation is luxurious and well-designed. I showed photos to my mom and she totally approves and trust me, she isn’t easily impressed.

You’ll have the option of either the Medina Club rooms or the Grand Medina Beach Rooms, both of which are spectacularly beautiful. You can learn more about the rooms here. Hello, paradise!


What does the resort offer?

Grand Medina is more than just a halal hotel. It’s a 5 star resort and everything is going to be high-quality and beautifully designed.

Of course, since this is a halal resort, all SEVEN of the eateries will serve halal food. Guys, last time I went to an all-inclusive with my family, we were in Spain and we had to ask about pork in Every.Single.Dish. As a foodie, I love being able to try all the food options, so it’s going to be so great to not have to grill the chef before eating off the grill (teehee). There’s also going to be mocktails to get you into the island mood.

The resort will also include a women’s club with spa services, private pools, a gym and yoga studio, a prayer area, and a café. YES TO ALL OF THIS.

The Women's Club at Grand Medina Halal Resort in the Dominican Republic
The Women’s Club at Grand Medina

Grand Medina will also include:

  • Spacious, beautifully-designed accommodations
  • A 9000 square foot prayer center and designated prayer areas throughout the resort
  • A water park
  • A kid’s club with babysitting services
  • Sports and entertainment facilities
  • A bird sanctuary and nature reserve
  • Deluxe pools and beach access


When will it open?

Construction will begin in January 2019, and the grand opening is planned for February 2020. Update 2020: It’s unclear when it is set to open. Please check their website for updates!


Is it all-inclusive?

Indeed it is. The prices will include all meals and beverages, accommodation, children’s activities, tips, gratuities and hotel taxes and unlimited access to the secluded beach, pools, grounds, prayer areas, entertainment, business center and sports facilities. Only certain amenities, like spa services, will cost extra. I’ve traveled with my family enough times to know how amazing it is when you don’t have to worry about additional costs once you arrive somewhere. All about that all-inclusive life.


Can I have events there?

Yeah you can! They have space to accommodate over 1000 people for pretty much any event you think of, including weddings!

I’m not here to pressure you guys to get married (our moms do enough of that, am I right?) but this would be an EPIC place for a wedding. Just sayin.

Courtyard and walkway of Grand Medina Halal Resort, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
How EPIC would a wedding here be?


What’s the vacation ownership program?

Grand Medina is offering people the opportunity to own a part of the resort, with its vacation ownership program. For a one-time purchase fee (with current pricing valid to the first 1200 units sold), you get a wealth of benefits such as:

  • Rental income paid on an annual basis
  • Option to use the resort up to 4 weeks a year at a significant discount
  • Upgrade to Premium Vacation Club Memberships at a significant discount
  • No additional costs such as maintenance, property or insurance fees
  • Right to transfer use to family or friends if you’d like

Description of the Vacation Ownership options at Grand Medina, the halal resort in the Caribbean

Click here for more information about investing in Grand Medina.

Where will you be in February of 2020? Inshallah, I hope to be beachside at the Grand Medina, with my family. With Muslim-friendly amenities, world-class luxury, and a drop-dead gorgeous location, this halal resort in the Caribbean is calling my name!


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28 thoughts on “Meet Grand Medina, the First Halal Resort in the Dominican Republic

  1. Candy says:

    It certainly looks like a 5 star resort! I love the rooms with all the white details. Another huge plus that it’s easy to get to. Sometimes the journey is so long for these type of nice resorts.

  2. Janine Thomas says:

    The resort looks fabulous. At least you are able to relax and enjoy all the delicious food without worrying about it. That’s a huge plus I am sure. It looks like a great place to unwind.

  3. Dan On The Road says:

    That is definitely grand, alright! It’s great that some hotels are now catering to Muslim travelers & this has taken halal travel to another level!

    • Sally E says:

      Right?! They’ve definitely gone above and beyond and exceeded all expectations! Really excited for it to open.

  4. TheBeachBell says:

    Wow I honestly had no idea there was any such thing as Halal resorts and in the Caribe no less. This is honestly fantastic that they are embracing inclusivity despite all the islamophobia as you said. Great article!

    • Sally E says:

      Yeah, there are a few here and there but this is the first one in the Dominican Republic! Def exciting to see the inclusivity happening, yes 🙂

  5. Adventographer Blog says:

    I didn’t realize halal resorts were a thing! What a great development for Muslim travellers! I’m happy to see tourism embracing travelers of all backgrounds and religions!

  6. Lisa Rivera says:

    That’s great there’ll be a halal resort for Muslim travellers like yourself. Reading your post, it’s something you don’t think about if it doesn’t apply to you. The Grand Medina looks like it will be a wonderful resort!

  7. Daphne Po says:

    Wow this resorts looks huge!! I am glad to read that more places are becoming halal friendly, because the Muslim travel market is indeed booming! Would love to visit this place in 2020 when the resort opens! It looks amazing! =)

    • Sally E says:

      Right? It’s super impressive! And yes, agreed! It’s great to see how places are catering toward Muslim travel. It’ll be great to visit when it opens.

  8. Payton@ExoticcaCars says:

    I love that there are so many things to do and see in Dominican, something for everyone’s taste. I would love to fly there! Seems so relax and at the same time so interesting for travelers!

    • Sally says:

      Hi there! It seems like there’s some delay with the DR location but they’re planning on opening in Orlando, FL first instead now. More info is available on

  9. Sally Castillo says:

    Aww, I was so excited about this opening in the Dominican Republic, being that’s where I’m from, and alhamdulillah I’m also a revert! InshaAllah, the plans are not canceled entirely, and we get to see the Grand Medina, even if it’s in Florida.

    • Sally says:

      Alhamdullilah! I love it 🙂
      And yes, I hope so! I’m sure things have been a bit slow in development with everything that has been going on the last couple of years but I’m hopeful that we’ll see the Florida one come to life sometime soon inshallah.

    • Sally says:

      Hello. I wrote about the resort but do not assist with planning. I recommend contacting them directly:

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