Awesome Gifts for Foodie Travelers from Uncommon Goods

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Uncommon Goods. As always, all opinions are my own.

Confession time: My name is Sally and I’m a notoriously bad gift-giver…to the point that I don’t give gifts. Here’s the thing. I’m not a bad gift giver on purpose. What happens is I so desperately want to make sure that I get an amazing gift that I agonize over it for hours. Type-A problems, am I right? I eventually end up with a not-so-great gift or no gift at all. Luckily my family and I are good at vocalizing what we want, and since we don’t celebrate Christmas, we only have to worry about birthday gifts.

But a few months ago, I was in a #TreatYoself mood and browsing around for something quirky to buy myself. That’s when I stumbled upon Uncommon Goods. They have a huge range of fun and unique gifts for everyone. As an added bonus, they focus on sustainable, environmentally products and are committed to working with small manufacturers and artists. So much winning.

I decided to peruse their website for some of my favorite gifts for foodie travelers so you don’t have to be a crappy gift-giver like me. Get some awesome gifts for the foodie travelers in your life from my picks below. P.S. Just in case you’re wondering, my birthday is June 23rd. You know, just in case ;).


Gifts Under $25

Foodie Dice

Roll the dice to get a unique and complete meal every time, including protein, grain/carbs, herbs, cooking method, seasonal veggies and bonus ingredients. Dinnertime just went from boring to epic.


Collapsible Water Bottle

This water bottle is a small solution to the constant struggle of always needing more room in my carry on. One day I will master packing lightly. One day.


Anywhere Travel Guide

Instead of “go to the museum,” these cards will tell you to “buy coffee for a stranger” and “find the highest point in the city.” It’s a travel guide reinvented and one way to get seriously off-the-beaten-path.


Tastes of the World Cooking Kit

Spice combination jars from 4 different regions of the world, so you can travel without leaving your kitchen. Or better yet, you can take them with you on your travels and seriously upgrade that hostel dinner.


Click here for more gifts under $25


Gifts Under $50

Scratch Map Deluxe

There’s nothing more satisfying than coming back from a trip and scratching off a bit of this map. I should know – I have one.


Handmade Solid Lotion Bars

Packing lightly means limiting the number of liquids in your carry on, which is a perpetual struggle for me. These lightweight lotion bars can easily replace one of many heavy bottles. P.S. All the gifts for women can be found here.


Travel Journal

Writing is so underrated nowadays. I always carry a journal to write down my travel memories and this one is perfectly set up, even for the laziest of writers.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

First you get all the fun of making hot sauce. Then you get to put it in small bottles and take it with you wherever you travel. Hot sauce in my bag, swag.


Tell me: do you have a favorite? Which gift would you buy? 

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16 thoughts on “Awesome Gifts for Foodie Travelers from Uncommon Goods

  1. Megan Claire says:

    I love the collapsible water bottle – I travel with mine everywhere we go, though it’s pretty annoying carrying around empty bottle after they’re done. Collapsing it into something small and flat is a brill idea!

  2. Gina Panozzo says:

    So I totally love quite a few of these gifts! My favorites have to be make your own hot sauce, the scratch map and the collapsible water bottle. Like you, one day I will master the art of packing lightly. Lol

  3. Tara Schatz says:

    You picked some really cool stuff, and now I can’t believe you’re a bad gift-giver. I’d totally use those travel cards and the scratch-off map would be perfect for my office!

    • Sally E says:

      HAHA well thank you! If someone is a foodie or traveler then I’m not a bad gift-giver :p. The scratch off map is so inspiring! I have one in my room 🙂

  4. Christina Pfeiffer says:

    Foodie dice looks like fun. It would take way the need to make decisions about what to eat! And it sounds like it’ll steer you down the path of eating healthily too.

  5. Laura Ishmael says:

    I love the foodie dice idea. We can always use some more creativity in the kitchen, and I’m usually throwing random stuff together anyway. And those travel cards just sound fun. Might have to get them as a stocking stuffer for my husband — so I can really use them myself. 😀

    • Sally from Passport & Plates says:

      Right?! I’m totally going to buy them for myself! Hahah I like the whole “buy for someone else so I can use them too” ploy. I have been guilty of that more than once! 🙂

  6. Miriam - londonkitchendiaries says:

    Finding presents is a difficult task for me too – I have a tendency to overthink things as well 😉 This list is fantastic – love the foodie dice and scratch map deluxe!


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